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Welcome to MAYFLY Fly Fishing. MAYFLY was born from a desire to share my knowledge of the outdoors and my passion for fly fishing. From my earliest days, I have been at home in nature, whether hunting, fishing, or simply exploring. Those simple pleasures of my childhood have become even more important to me today. In a world fraught with distractions and negativity, a day on the river can serve as a well needed reminder of what is truly important and worth protecting in life.  I look forward to helping you discover the excitement beyond the next bend. . . . Kelley

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Our mission is to share the beauty of nature and the art of fly fishing while creating long-lasting relationships with our clients. 


MAYFLY clients will have the opportunity to fish with Kelley and her son Noah. Both are passionate and patient guides who enjoy sharing the beauty of nature and the art of angling with their clients. They have lived in Northern New Mexico for over 20 years, taking every opportunity they can to explore its diverse fisheries. Both are lifelong anglers who first learned to fish with conventional tackle, eventually landing on the unique challenges and artful techniques of fly fishing. 

When you fish with Kelley and Noah, you will unlock the secrets of hatches, new fly patterns, and casting techniques. Their upbeat personalities and extensive expertise guarantee you a top-notch angling experience, no matter the conditions.   



If you have any special requirements or requests, please let Kelley know prior to your trip and she will do her best to accommodate you and your goals. This includes any physical limitations. 



Fly fishing in Northern New Mexico is always exciting and challenging.  You will discover the Wild West as you never imagined it, its spirit alive in our countless mountain rivers, backcountry creeks, private waters, and lakes. Rainbow trout, brown trout, native cutthroat trout, brook trout, lake trout, tiger trout and even feisty carp await throughout. Many varieties of birds, including kingfishers, hummingbirds, heron, osprey, and the majestic bald eagle, lend their unique beauty to the environment as well. Book a trip today and let MAYFLY Fly Fishing guide you on a mountain fly fishing adventure that will leave you wanting more.


MAYFLY is an independent guide service committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive experience to all anglers; we encourage diversity on the water. We are also passionate about protecting our river resources, and remain active in local conservation initiatives geared toward maintaining a responsible and sustainable fly fishing industry. We practice catch and release, and encourage minimal and safe handling of fish. 

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
Trout Unlimited
New Mexico Council of Outfitters & Guides
United Women on the Fly

 Mayfly Fly Fishing Co LLC
We are trained in First Aid & CPR and are fully insured.
USFS Permit: 202201

Colorado Outfitter Number: 0003385

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